Defining Your DAM Team

As argued elsewhere, attention must be paid to DAM staffing alongside any system selection or evaluation. As a result, I am frequently asked some variation of the question “who should be on my company’s DAM team?”. Rather, I would ask “what skills should my team possess and how many of these people are needed to keep up with our anticipated workload?”.

What the DAM team “looks” like should depend on a company’s business requirements, the needed skills to meet them, and the number of people to handle the anticipated volume of work. For example, a broad enterprise-level DAM roll-out across a large global media company will require multiple staff with a range of special skills. On the other hand, a small-sized company using a SaaS DAM system to manage a few hundred logos for the marketing department will likely only have one member of staff, with at least a general knowledge of DAM, committed to this work.

Ideally staffing should be a matter of ensuring that whoever does the DAM job can ingest, organize, secure, and provide access to digital assets for the intended users of the system for a defined period of time. Granted, the aforementioned questions aren’t as simple to answer as some would like but they will probably be of more use to you when planning a DAM initiative.

What questions have you asked to help put together your digital asset management team?

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